Winter Practice 2018/19

Supervised Agility Practice in Spencerville - Update, January 2019

What - a 2-hour period from 13:00 to 15:00 with a full multiple level of difficulty agility course or a series of distance sequences.  You practice this course or any part of it with your dog(s).  You help with course build if you arrive in time and with tear down if you are still there.  You participate as ring steward when you are free.  You get a minimum of 2 minutes to practice with your dog, longer if we see that nobody will have to wait too long for their turn.  You get as many turns as possible until it is time to tear down or you need to leave.

Where - the Drummond Building arena at the Spencerville Fair grounds.  It is spacious and there is an area for crating your dog outside of the fenced ring area. We run on a dirt floor where the dogs have excellent footing.  Temperature is cool but never freezing and ideal for running a dog.  There is lots of free parking space.  There is a portable toilet in the arena.

How - First email Dominique at to get on the practice e-mailing list, regardless of when you can make it, if ever.  Then, if you can make a specific date, email Dominique no later than the Tuesday before the Saturday to which you want to commit.  If we have at least three handlers* on Tuesday apart from Dominique, the practice session will go ahead.  If not, Dominique will announce practice cancellation to all on the e-mailing list on the Wednesday before that Saturday.  Same day morning bad weather cancellation:  if Spencerville is bad for driving and you have given Dominique a phone number, she will phone the committed participants before noon and email everyone on the e-mailing list.

Bring your dog(s) and crate or X-pen to suit, as well as your water and warm clothes.  Bring $15 (2019 members) or $20 per practicing dog:  cash or cheque made out to Paws4Fun Agility.


When - when you decide you can swing it, unless cancelled due to lack of committed participants* or wicked weather, Saturdays:

February 2

March 2 / 16 / 30

April 13 / 20


Unsupervised Agility Practice at Silver Dawn

Space is available at Silver Dawn for Paws4Fun members who wish to work with their dogs over the winter.

Silver Dawn is a stable for retired horses located at 971 Sanderson Road. The arena is used to store hay and exercise the horses with a space about 55’ x 110' which may be used to set up agility equipment.

Equipment consists of a dog walk, tire and teeter from Paws4Fun. Jan and Lorna have an A- frame, weaves, 4 tunnels and jumps as well as various training materials. This year broad and panel jumps have been added. The jumps have been changed to the new 2018 heights. This equipment is intended for practice and is not AAC approved. Equipment must be set up and put away after each practice session.

Practice times may be booked by Paws4Fun members every evening from 7:00 - 9:00 and Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9 - 12. The arena is used to exercise the horses in the afternoons and by Jan and Lorna weekday mornings.

The cost is $10 cash per person. This covers arena rental. You may have more than one dog

and there is no time limit. Users must sign a liability waiver. All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations including Bordetella.

Bookings are made through Jan at


To get to the arena, you must cross the paddock while the horses are in the stable. The paddock may be muddy and icy.

One person can move the jumps and tunnels. It is best to practice with someone if you want to move the larger equipment.

There are two dogs on the property, Aussie who does agility and Tam a very old Border Collie who is is deaf and has poor vision. Drive with care.

There are no bathroom facilities. There is a small Canadian Tire potty for emergencies.