Winter 2020-2021 Member Practice

>> Two indoor spaces are available to Paws4Fun members on a pay-per-use basis

(1) Dedicated Paws4Fun Agility Arena, on Edward Scott Road

The Arena is available for the exclusive use of Paws4Fun Agility Club, on a pay-per-use basis. Members may rent by the hour using the Indoor Bookings page, from 9am to 9:30pm daily, when not in use for Club agility classes and events. Note that the Arena is not heatedThe Arena will be available starting 14-November, 2020, and will be available until the end of April 2021. Availability may be extended into May 2021, depending on when the outdoor fields can be opened.

When a member books time using booking calendar, they will be asked to record the full names of any other people who will be using the booking with them. Please to do this, as the information is needed for fee tracking and for COVID-19 contact tracing. Members may bring non-member guests to practice with them, or as spectators. Non-members practicing pay the same per hour cost as members, spectators may visit at no charge. All non-members visiting, whether practicing or spectating, MUST fill out a Visitor Registration Form as they are required to agree to rules and sign waivers.

The Arena is a building of  50' x 100', with dirt flooring, totally dedicated to playing agility. The Arena has lots of natural light, plus lighting for night use, and there is a bathroom on site. The equipment in the Arena is owned by Paws4Fun, moved to the Arena from the outdoor fields. There is a full set of agility equipment - dog walk, a-frame, teeter, weave poles, jumps, and tunnels.

Location - 106 Edward Scott Road, Mountain, ON

Cost - $15 per person per hour

            Examples:  one person for 1 hour = $15; one person for 2 hours = $30; two people for one hour = $30

How to book - Go to the Indoor Bookings page to reserve time, and follow the instructions there to pay.

Notes -

  • You MUST have a booking to use the Arena. The Arena is not open for walk-in, un-scheduled use.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times on the property when not working at agility in the arena.
  • Please pick up after your dogs, and take the bag home with you for disposal. Thank you.
  • There are dogs and cats on the property. Please be alert and drive carefully, as the small white dog especially may be difficult to see this winter!
  • No smoking or alcohol allowed on the premises.
  • Please be familiar with the Rules of Conduct and COVID-19 Pandemic Rules

(2) Horse Arena with Agility Space, at SilverDawn Stable

The SilverDawn Stable arena is available for use by Paws4Fun members (and their non member guests) who wish to work with their dogs from 9-November, 2020 through May 2021 or until the Paws4Fun equipment is returned to the outdoor fields.  Note that the space is not heated.  Practice times may be booked by Paws4Fun members from 12:00p to 10:00pm, 7 days a week.  The arena is in use in the mornings by Lorna Gendreau and Jan Kirk, and also by the owners of SilverDawn.

The arena, with a dirt floor surface, is used to store hay and exercise the horses, with a working area of about 67’ x 110’ which may be used to set up agility equipment.  Paws4Fun equipment consists of a dog walk, tire, teeter, weaves, jumps and tunnels.  Equipment must be set up and put away after each practice session.

LocationSilverDawn Stable is a horse boarding stable located at 971 Sanderson Rd, Oxford Mills, Ont.

Cost$10 cash per person (exact change please), to be left in the envelope hanging on the inside of the pedestrian door.  This covers arena rental.  You may bring more than one dog and there is no time limit, unless there are back-to-back bookings/users.

How to bookBookings are made by sending email to Sandy Gummeson at

Liability -  Users must sign a liability waiver.

VaccinationsAll dogs must be up to date on vaccinations including Bordetella.


  • To walk to the arena from the parking lot, you must cross the paddock via a gravel laneway which may be muddy or icy.  The horses may or may not be in the stable.  Owners of SilverDawn will ensure you get to the arena safely, opening and closing gates as required.
  • One person should be able to move the jumps and tunnels.  If you want to move the larger equipment, bring a friend.  Or SilverDawn owners could assist, if available.
  • There are lights along the sides of the arena, sufficient for practice at night.
  • There are no bathroom facilities.
  • Please pick up after your dogs, and take the bag home for disposal, thank you.
  • Dogs may run off leash in the field behind the arena.
  • There are 2 dogs on the property.  Aussie (yellow Shepherd cross) who does agility and Ella (chocolate Lab) who is starting agility.  Drive with care.