- Winter Cheer

Got questions? Please contact the league organizer, Carolyn Heide, at her email address

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- the league is full, sorry

COVID-19 Considerations

All matches will follow the Paw4Fun Agility Club's COVID-19 Pandemic Rules, which can be found on the

COVID-19 Pandemic Rules page.

The Winter Cheer League, 2021

Upcoming Matches

Finale Match, 25-28 June

        Course Design: Kathryn Kaiser

        Judges: Kathryn Kaiser & Carolyn Heide

Completed Matches

Schedule for Finale, 25-28 June, 2021
(Click Group Time/Date for group's running order)

Course Maps

    - will be posted here on Friday 25-June

Finale Match Details:

- masks are required at all times during walk-though the course. Masks are not required when running the course.

- when outside of the ring, please wear a mask when it is not possible to maintain a 2 meter distance from others.

- please maintain physical distancing of 2 meters when ever possible.

- all events will be held in Ring #3 (the Location page has a site map).

- there will be 6 clearly marked parking spots near Ring #3, use whichever is available when you arrive.

- please try not to arrive more the 30 minutes before your group time.

- please leave promptly when your group finishes.

- feel free to exercise your dog(s) well distanced from Ring #3 while awaiting your group start.

- there will be one practice jump available near Ring #3.

- there may be Paws4Fun members practicing in Rings #1 and #2, please keep your distance.

League Description - A Series of 5 trial-style Matches

Winter Cheer League participants have signed up for a Series of 5 trial-style Matches, held on the last weekend of each month from January and May 2021. Due to pandemic induced schedule changes, the finale match is now scheduled for Saturday 5-June.

From January to April have been held, the Matches will be held indoors, in the Paws4Fun arena at 106 Edward Scott Road, Mountain, ON (pictures and a description of the arena on the Winter Indoor Practice page). Matches held after April will be held outdoors at the Paws4Fun fields at 2840 Taylor Road, Kemptville, ON (see Location).

Each Match is like a mini-trial, with two Jumpers Courses. Each Course is 15 obstacles, comprised of tunnels and non-spread jumps only, in a 60'x40' ring. The two Courses in each Match use the same obstacles, run in a different sequence. The difficulty level of the courses will be similar to AAC Starters or Advanced courses. Competitors may elect to register their dogs at any height. All dogs run the same two courses (i.e. there are no levels such as Masters or Starters, and there are no specials or veterans categories). Run with your dog's collar on or off, your choice, but flat collars only please. FEO runs are permitted, see below. As per AAC, bitches in heat are not allowed to compete.

Over the 5 Matches, there are a total of 10 Courses. With each Course, competitors earn Qs towards titles, plus position-points towards 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each height group at the end of the Series. Title Rosettes will be handed out at the Match when you earn them. The scoring rules are designed for maximum Qs and titles!!

Can't make it to all of the Matches? Delegate another League member to substitute for you in Matches you cannot attend. Their runs will count towards your titles, their points added toward your point total. If you don't want to delegate a substitute, let us know and we'll randomly select another League member be your delegate. Let's make sure that everyone posts a score for every run at every Match!

Scoring Per Course

- No refusals, no wrong courses

- 5 faults for a knocked bar

- 20 faults for a non-completed obstacle

- Earn a Q for (Time + Faults) <= Course Time

- Position-Points = (500 - Time - Faults) 

Titles & Rosettes

- your first 3 Qs earns a Bronze Title Rosette

- 3 more Qs, for a total of 6 Qs, earns a Silver Title Rosette

- 3 more Qs, for a total of 9 Qs, earns a Gold Title Rosette

- get a Q on every course of the Series (10 courses) to earn a

   Platinum Title Rosette

- Total Position-Points at the end of the Series determines

    1st, 2nd and 3rd place at each height

FEO - if you need to run a course with toys (no treats please), just let the judge know at the time. Your run won't earn a Q or any placement-points, but sometimes you just need to train!

Finale Match Format 

The Match will be held in a Drive-thru format, over the Match weekend. 6 competitors per 1 hour time slot.  Just like at the real drive thru trials, in the time slot to which you are assigned, you will walk Course-1, run Course-1, walk Course-2, and then run Course-2. 

Crew size, including judge, will be 3 maximum. With 6 competitors per time slot, the maximum gathering size will be kept to a maximum of 10 people. 

At the Finale, awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place by position-points at each height - 4", 8", 12", 16", 20" and 24". Plus we'll celebrate the Platinum Title winners!!