Volunteers -
Volunteers and Support

Paws4Fun Agility relies on member volunteering. There are ample volunteer opportunities, including: club facilities work parties; event set-up and tear down sessions; working at sanctioned trials and K9-Kup; participating in demos; general club administration; and instructing on behalf of the Club.

Volunteer tasks are listed in the "job jar", which can be accesses here for from the Volunteers drop-down menu. They will also be sent by email, so make sure  that your membership application contact email address is up to date and that email from @paws4funagility.ca does not get filtered out as SPAM. Notify membership@paws4funagility.ca if your contact information has changed.

Frequent Volunteer Reward Program

A full 100% discount on the following year's single membership fee is granted to single members in good standing who

  • have served the full calendar year in the Club administrative positions listed at About - Our Board & Coordinators; or
  • register 50 hours or more of volunteer time as an adult; or
  • register 25 hours or more volunteer time as a junior (18 years old and under).

A scale of membership renewal discounts is also offered to members who exceed the minimum requirements but do not reach the 100% discount level.

Single adult member discounts off next year's membership fee:

20 to 29 hours - 25%

30 to 39 hours - 50%

40 to 49 hours - 75%

50 hours and over - 100%

Single junior member discounts off next year's membership fee:

10 to 14 hours - 25%

15 to 19 hours - 50%

20 to 24 hours - 75%

25 hours and over - 100%

Family membership discounts off next year's membership fee, two adults, no junior members or one adult and more than one junior member:

40 to 59 hours - 25%

60 to 79 hours - 50%

80 to 99 hours - 75%

100 hours and over - 100%

Family membership discounts off next year's membership fee, one adult, one junior member:

30 to 44 hours - 25%

45 to 59 hours - 50%

60 to 74 hours - 75%

75 hours and over - 100%

For combinations perhaps not covered above, and for late season memberships, please contact volunteer@paws4funagility.ca.

Registering Volunteer Time

For all Club members there is a sign-in/out sheets at every event to record your hours. When your hours are completed independently you may submit them to the membership director.

Proxy volunteering

Anyone who is not a club member can perform a volunteering duty on behalf of a regular member. The regular club member benefits from the time contributed. The proxy must identify the member they are volunteering for.

Club Administrators

Members holding positions listed at ed at About - Our Board & Coordinators do not have to register their hours. These positions are expected to demand and equal at least 50 hours of volunteer time and require availability that is not demanded of regular club members.

K9-Kup Judges

Members who volunteer to be K9-Kup judges should register their hours spent on course design as well as officiating and travelling to and from the Paws4Fun Agility grounds.