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NOTE: due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, not all jobs may take place in 2021.


  • Equipment move onto site 
  • Painting party


  • AAC Trial - completed


  • Canada Day Demos in Kemptville & Osgoode 
  • AAC Trial
  • K9 Kup


  • AAC Trial
  • K9 Kup
  • K9 Kup Fun Match


  • AAC Trial
  • CARO Trial
  • K9 Kup
  • RAD Fun Match


  • K9 Kup
  • Equipment move off site


  • Santa Claus Parade Demo

Opportunities Available NOW

(1) July 10-11 AAC Trial - At The SignupPlace here

(2) 2021 K9 Kup

- K9 Kup #1,  1-August: At VolunteerSignup here

- K9 Kup #2,  29-August: At VolunteerSignup here

- K9 Kup #3,  5-September: At VolunteerSignup here

- K9 Kup #4,  10-October: At VolunteerSignup here

(3) August 14-15 AAC Trial - At The SignupPlace here

(4) September 11-12 AAC Trial - At The SignupPlace here

The SignUp Place

... is the tool used by Paws4Fun Members to register for volunteer opportunities at events. Paws4Fun Members can create their SignUp Place accounts The SignUp Place. When an event is open for volunteering at the SignUp Place, a specific link will be available above in "Opportunities Available Now".

Reporting Work Done

Thank you for all you do!!!!  See the How to Report Work Done page for the simple instructions on what to do when you have completed some volunteer work.

Facilities Jobs - contact the Club's Facilities Director at facilities@paws4funagility.ca

In the fall the agility equipment must be moved into storage on site, and off site. Also, some equipment is moved to Silver Dawn and the Edward Scott arena for members to use at winter classes and practice sessions. In the spring, it needs to be moved back into place. Equipment move days generally take up most of a day.

In the spring the Club holds a painting party at the agility field, because some of the equipment always needs a fresh coat of paint.

Jobs at K9-Kup - are managed via an on-line sign system. For details see the K9-Kup page here.

Jobs at AAC Trials - are managed via an on-line sign system. See the links above.

Jobs at CARO Trials - contact the Club's CARO Trial Coordinator at carocoordinator@paws4funagility.ca

Jobs at Demonstrations - contact the Club's Vice-President at vp@paws4funagility.ca