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What is VALOR?

VALOR events  provide a low-stress environment to work towards titles with your dog as an alternative or 'bridge' to traditional trialing. Participants have the field to themselves where they can video their runs. Runs are then submitted by the participants to VALOR for judging. Clean runs are awarded a Q, and VALOR titles are awarded for 3 Q’s. There are no refusals, no time limits, and you can practice as much as needed to get a clean run! You only submit your ‘good’ runs!

Please click here for all the details! These include the mission, who can participate, how and where and cost.

Please send VALOR inquires to the Paws4Fun VALOR Coordinator at

2020 VALOR Event Dates

#1 - May 31

#2 - June 28

#3 - July 19

#4 - August 16

#5 - September 20

#6 - October 4

How VALOR Events Work

All events are held on Sundays, and registrations will be accepted up to the Wednesday night before the event. Entries are accepted on a first come / first served basis and will be limited based on field availability.

This is a ‘show and go’ event. Participants are assigned a 40-minute timeslot in which to practice and to videotape their runs (the field may be shared with one other dog/handler if you have indicated this is acceptable on your registration form). Keep an eye on the time so you are on your way out before the next person’s time.

The event schedule is sent out, with course maps, the Thursday evening before the event. Two 2 nested courses will be set up. Course maps for 3 levels will be available (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert). The equipment set up is the same for all 3 levels.

Participants are encouraged to bring someone to videotape their runs (2 people is best so nothing is missed on your good run!). Paws4Fun will have someone available to video your runs if requested in your registration form.

Participants are responsible for creating their own account with VALOR, and for submitting their own runs for judging via Youtube, and their own payments via PayPal, as detailed in the Registration Premium.

There will be no food or drinks provided, please ensure you have water for your dog. All events are held at Paws4Fun Agility, see the location page for location details.

The Registration Premium for 2020 VALOR events will be available here, coming soon.