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VALOR Events

What is VALOR?

The Virtual Agility League (VALOR) events  provide a non-traditional, skill-based agility venue that allows people to submit dog agility performances for review by video. Participants are scheduled either in small groups or individually based on the needs of the dog and handler. Each team has a minimum of 40 minutes in the ring (20 minutes on each course) to practice and video their runs. Runs are submitted by video for judging by VALOR. Clean runs are awarded a Q, and VALOR titles are awarded for 3 Qs. There are no refusals, no time limits, and you can practice as much as needed to get a clean run. You only submit your good runs! Please click here for additional details.

COVID-19 Considerations

Masks are not required to be worn when running your dog in VALOR Events.

All VALOR events will follow the Paw4Fun Agility Club's COVID-19 Pandemic Rules, which can be found on the

COVID-19 Pandemic Rules page.

2023 VALOR Events
May 21
June 18
September 24
October 15

How VALOR Events Work

All events are held on Sundays, and registrations will be accepted up to the Wednesday night before the event. Entries are accepted on a first come / first served basis and will be limited based on field availability.

Participants are scheduled in either small groups, or individually as specified in their registration forms. Each team has a minimum of 40 minutes in the ring (20 minutes on each course) to practice and video their runs. Participants may be scheduled to assist with course setup.

The event schedule is sent out, with course maps, the Thursday evening before the event. Two 2 nested courses will be set up. Course maps for 3 levels will be available (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert). The equipment set up is the same for all 3 levels.

Participants are encouraged to bring someone to videotape their runs (2 people is best so nothing is missed on your good run!). Paws4Fun will have someone available to video your runs if requested in your registration form.

Participants are responsible for creating their own account with VALOR, and for submitting their own runs for judging via Youtube, and their own payments via PayPal, as detailed in the Registration Premium.

There will be no food or drinks provided, please ensure you have water for your dog. All events are held at Paws4Fun Agility, see the location page for location details.

Registration & Payment

Registration: registration is closed for the winter, please check back in the spring of 2023

Payment may be made via e-transfer, per instructions in the registration form, or PayPal via the button to the right. The price shown in the PayPal button is per event. When you are taken to the PayPal page, change the quantity to the number of events you have entered and click on update.

PayPal Button
- will return in spring 2023