Paws4Fun offers training classes in both Agility and Rally-Obedience.

Visit the links to the left, or on the Training drop-down menu for the following:


  • Training class registration forms and payment information for Agility and CARO classes.
  • Member and visitor independent training instructions.
  • Instructions on sending a personal request for agility training information.

Classes Schedule

  • The schedule and location for current and upcoming Agility and CARO classes.

Rules of Conduct

  • Describes what is expected from both you and your dog when training with Paws4Fun.
  • Please remember:

Always clean up after your dog. If your dog should happen to have an accident in the ring, please be sure to use a bucket of water to ensure the spot is clean and does not create a distraction for other dogs.

Agility Class Descriptions

  • Descriptions of the levels of agility classes offered by Paws4Fun.
  • Note:  at the present time we do not offer "Puppy" Classes, however Beginner 1 level is ideal for puppies, young dogs and any age of adult dog new to agility.

Agility Winter Practice

  • Describes a supervised indoor practice on a multi-level course which was offered by Paws4Fun in 2019. Stay tuned to find out if this will be offered in 2020