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Student Fun Match

Members - If you're not playing in this Fun Match, please consider volunteering to help. See Volunteer Here

Agility Students Fun Match

On Sunday, Sept-20, Paws4Fun is hosting a FREE Fun Match for the 2020 agility class students from the Paws4Fun Agility Club, and private invitees only.

There will be one AAC Standard course and one AAC Snooker course, built in rings 1 and 2 at the Paws4Fun fields. Participants will be able to run each course twice, for 3 minutes per run. Remember - this is a fun match, so you can do as few or as many obstacles you want - skip the contacts, or the weaves, do only half the obstacles, jump whatever height you like. You may even choose to use the low teeter or channel weaves. The goals are to try out real AAC courses, and to have fun!

Event Details

Date: Sunday 20-Sept-2020, rain or shine
Location: Paws4Fun Agility Club (see the location page)
Start Time: 1:00 pm
End time: (depends how many people register)
Cost: free, open to Paws4Fun Agility Class Students, and private invitees only
Course Maps:
Runs: 2 runs on each course, 3 minutes per run

Registration Details

Open to Paws4Fun Agility Students and private invitees,  ONLY
Register online: online registration form
Registration Closing Date: 15-Sept-2020

Questions? Comments? Please contact the event organizer at