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Past Seminars and Workshops

- Fitness For Dogs, Dec 2021

- Jump Grids, Dec 2021

- Connections, Nov 2021

- Janet Lundy, 2020

- Jess Martin, 2019

Chris Zink, 2019

- Aaron Froude, 2018

- Jess Martin, 2018

- Janet Lundy, 2018

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Susan Salo Jump Grids

Dates:  << all sessions postponed, dates will be updated as soon as possible
  - Thurs. Jan 6,  5:30p - 7:00p
  - Thurs. Jan 13,  7:00p - 8:30p  
  - Mon. Jan 24,  1:00p - 2:30p 

Instructor: Elise Bonder

Open gym format where Susan Salo jump grids are set up and each dog will have 5 minutes (timed) to work on each grid. The session starts with 1-jump Set-Point, followed by 2 grids. Participant are expected to help set-up and tear down. Elise will be there to help guide the practice with set-up, timing and some troubleshooting if teams desire. This is not an instructional session.

These grids are designed by Susan Salo to teach jumping skills, mechanics, striding and balance, as well as an understanding of spacing and height. They aid in developing and maintaining the strength needed to jump successfully. If you’d like to see a visual of what a 4-5min block looks like, please contact for example videos. 

If you need to alter the jump grid plan, you can use your allotted time to work on something else, providing you don’t change the set-up on the floor.

Any dog who is injury-free can participate in jump grids. Since all grids can be done with 2” height, even puppies can participate. Up to 3 dogs per session.

Registration: online form coming soon

Cost:  $25 for members,  $30 for non-members

Payment options:

1) Preferred: via e-transfer per instructions in the registration form.

2) Via PayPal using the button to the right.

Jump Grids Workshop