Running Matters

Sunday March 13, 2022

Instructor: Annalisa Percy

Have you always wanted to be a more effective, effortless handler who can focus on the dog vs just getting yourself around the agility field?

Cardio, strength training, neurofeedback, nutrition….is it all a that only the elite athlete can use?

Not at all.

Designed for the agility competitor in mind; this workshop provided the basics on what you need to run faster. And for the people at the back – RUN FASTER!

* 3 hours of interactive training focused on training your body to respond faster, muscles to fire more rapidly and remain sound and feeling good that you CAN run with your dogs.

· Bonus => you WILL be faster and more confident in your warm up and ability to run *IF you do this training consistently*

· Your body AND your dog will thank you

This course was suitable for participants of all fitness levels. Participants were active during this workshop footwear and clothing suitable for running were suggested. This course is all about you so dogs were left at home.

This workshop was taught by Annalisa Percy. Annalisa’s love of motion, speed and coaching began early. Annalisa has completed in Ironman triathlon, marathon races, Olympic Triathlon and Biathlon. She is a qualified personal trainer (Can Fit Pro) designing fitness programs up to and including National Championships. Her mission statement is all about balancing fitness and healthy living as a way of life.