Volunteer Jobs at
AAC Trials
 * Ring Crew / Leash Runner *

Ring Crew / Leash Runner

You have two jobs:

As Ring Crew, your job is to help during height / class changes. This role is described here

As Leash Runner job is to collect the dog’s leash at the beginning of the run and take it to the exit gate so that it is there when the dog finishes its run. Do not underestimate the importance of this job, as it is important to keeping the event moving.

  1. As each competitor enters the ring, stand by and wait until the handler removes the leash & collar from the dog. The handler may give it to you, throw it at you, or drop it to the ground. Note that the handler may also elect to put the leash in their pocket, in which case you have no work to do for that handler/dog team.
  2. Wait until the run has started before picking up the leash. The dog does not have to be on the other side of the ring, just at the second or third obstacle. This is important especially for Starters dog.
  3. Take the leash & collar, go to the exit gate and place them in the basket placed for that purpose.
  4. Go back to the entrance to wait for the next dog.
  5. You can do this inside or outside of the ring, depending on what is more comfortable and convenient for you.
  6. Do not take it personally if a handler throws the leash and it hits you. The handler can be in a “zone” and unaware of anything other than their run.

Special Considerations for Snooker

There can be more than one start line and the handler can choose to start far away from the entrance. If that happens, follow the handler so that you can pick up the leash. Again wait until the dog has started before taking the leash to the exit.

Special Considerations for Team Relay

A leash runner is not necessary, as the handlers will keep the leashes in their boxes.