Training -
Rules of Conduct

Paws4Fun is committed to giving you a great training experience.  We ask for your contribution to making training at Paws4Fun a successful and fun experience for all involved.

  1. Your dog is your responsibility and you are responsible for all of your dog’s actions.  You MUST ensure that your dog is under control at all times.  Different sizes of dogs with different prey-drives will be on the property at the same time. Please ensure that you have control of your dog to prevent any altercations.
  2. Your dog must be on leash unless running in the ring. Even though on leash, please ask before allowing your dog to ‘visit’ another dog. Both for safety’s sake, and because it is important for the dogs to learn to wait for permission, so they can maintain focus in the ring.
  3. Do not tie your dog to the t-bars on the club’s property. Do not slip your leash over the t-bar while it is attached to your dog. If you must leave your dog use either a crate or tie-out or ask someone to hold your dog for you. (Note: even though someone may agree to hold your dog, you are still responsible for its actions. You know your dog best and should act accordingly.)
  4. Dogs are normally run in the ring in a flat collar during classes for safety reasons. If you have any doubt on the suitability of your collar, consult with your instructor.
  5. Pick up after your dog. Garbage cans are available for the disposal of poop bags.
  6. Do not allow your dog to foul the ring. If your dog has an accident in the ring, pick up any solids & flush the area with water as a courtesy to other users.
  7. Do not throw food into tunnels. This can remain insitu and be a serious distraction to other dogs.
  8. Remember that the instructors are volunteering their time to teach and we are fortunate to have them. They are the club’s representative during the class.
  9. Students may be asked to help with set up/teardown of courses for their class.
  10. Classes will be held rain or shine unless cancelled by the instructor for safety reasons (ex lightning or very strong winds). In this case instructors will arrange for make-up classes.
  11. Classes have priority access to their assigned rings during their assigned times and for ½ hour before class for any set-up work required. When not assigned to a class, rings are available to club members for practice.