Volunteer Jobs at
AAC Trials
 *  Pre-Trial  *

Pre-Trial Volunteers

Pre-trial volunteers perform the setup, and the trial cannot happen until this is done. It includes building the first two courses, putting up tents and tables, and mundane tasks like putting toilet paper in the porta-potties. This can be done by anyone, even those who are running dogs. With many hands, this can take only an hour.

We need volunteers

  • the evening before the first day of the trial, and
  • the morning of each day of the trial

Evening Before

We need 3 to 6 people for 2 hours starting at 6:00pm to do the following jobs:

  1. Course building the first course in each ring. You only need to place obstacles and (if necessary) gamble lines.
  2. Take equipment from storage to fill missing components to fields.
  3. Set up tents: gatekeeper, timer/scribe, scoring, others as needed.
  4. Set up tables: scorekeeper, judge, volunteer and competitor check-in, prizes, merchandise.
  5. Set out flags to reserve a spot for vendors.
  6. Put out warm-up jumps for each ring (2 per ring).
  7. Garbage detail: new bags in garbage cans, set out 1 garbage can, 1 blue bin, 1 black bin at each ring.
  8. Put rolls of toilet paper and wipes in each porta-potty.
  9. Fill poop bag holders at each ring.
  10. Put out parking signs and make sure handicapped parking signs are visible.
  11. Set up the wading pool and add water.
  12. Set up coolers for: dog cool coats, volunteer drinks.

Morning Of

Each morning at 8:00, we need 3 to 6 people for 1 hour to do the following jobs:

  1. Finish the course building for the first events: put out numbers, nail down weaves and tire. This can be done with the ring crew.
  2. Fill spray bottles and / or water buckets and put one at each ring (for dog ‘accidents’).
  3. Put out course measuring wheel, dog height measuring device and wickets.
  4. Put out ribbons and prizes.
  5. Make available gate lists, scribe sheets, volunteer sheets, course maps from the judge.
  6. Put up signs for competitor and volunteer check-in.
  7. Take tools and equipment to each ring. Includes hammer, spikes, numbers, gamble lines, shims.
  8. Make sure each ring has: 2 chairs for timer and scribe, 4 chairs for ring stewards.
  9. For each ring, set up an easel and stool for the gatekeeper.
  10. Make available items such as clipboards, pens, stopwatches, markers, tape, first aid kit, duct tape, etc.
  11. Put out road signs on roadway.