Volunteer Jobs at Trials
 *  Post-Trial Volunteers  *

Post-Trial Tasks

Your job is to stay after the trial has finished and help with tear-down. This is the job no one wants to do, but it is so necessary. We doubly appreciate you if you volunteer for this. This can be done by people running dogs.

If there are 3-6 people, this can be done in an hour.

  1. Change driveway sign back to ‘members only’.
  2. Pick up and put away the road signs.
  3. Take down the signs for volunteers, check-in, parking, etc.
  4. Tear down rings, specifically
    1. Pull out spikes and put them back in the toolbox.
    2. Pick up numbers and place in corner of the ring with the other numbers. Put them in order.
    3. Gather chairs and place them just outside the ring.
    4. Remove the tunnel bags and place them just outside the ring.
    5. Put the ends of the tunnels on the ground. Tunnel will look like a slinky.
    6. Pull up any ropes, roll them up, and place in the designated box.
  5. Take down the scribe and gatekeeper tents.
  6. Leave everything just outside the ring so that the tractor can pick them up.
  7. Pack up electronic timing system and power supplies.
  8. Take down all tents and tables at the main area, and put them away.
  9. Consolidate garbage and recyclables.
  10. Replenish toilet paper if needed.
  11. Dump wading pools and cooler.
  12. Put away all supplies used in the trial: gatekeeper kits, pens, clipboards, paper towels, etc.