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Personal Training

Paws4Fun Agility fields are closed for the winter. They will re-open as soon as conditions of weather and pandemic permit in the spring of 2020.

COVID-19 Considerations for Training at Paws4Fun Agility

The fields are not open yet for the 2020 summer season. When the weather allows, the availability of the fields for personal use will be subject to Public Health recommendations related to COVID-19 in effect at the time.

Notification of the availability of the fields will be sent to members via email, posted in the FB group, and updated here.

Personal Training at the Paws4Fun Agility Fields

Members may use the fields for personal training at no cost, whenever the Calendar shows that they are available,  after they open in the spring and before they close in the fall.

Non-members who wish to train on our fields must be accompanied by a member, complete the Visitor Training and Release Form, and pay $10 per visit. Click here for the Visitor Training and Release form. Copies will also be available on site. Completed release forms with payment should be left in the mail box at the shed on site.

Please remember to always clean up after your dog. If your dog should happen to have an accident in the ring, please be sure to use a bucket of water to ensure the spot is clean and does not create a distraction for other dogs.