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What is IDAL?

The International Dog Agility League (IDAL) is a monthly recreational agility competition between international agility clubs. Clubs play on a monthly basis. Anyone can play, additional players can join at any point during the season.

Each team dogs must be registered with IDAL for $10 US (one‐time fee per dog) before participating for their first time. The Paws4Fun Team Captain will facilitate registration of new team members.

Runs are scored by the participating club’s designated judge based on rules posted for the course (usually scoring is Time, Plus faults). IDAL compares scores against all that participated that month to determine the ranking teams/dogs. Scores and ranking of teams is posted by IDAL each month. Every dog that plays earns ‘Life Time Performance ‘points towards IDAL titles (points are based on various things, like the fact that they played, whether they got a qualifying score or not, how many other dogs they beat, etc).

 Course Map
March 10,2021
March 24, 2021
 June 9, 2021
 June 23, 2021
 July 14, 2021
 July 28, 2021
August 11, 2021
August 18, 2021
September 8, 2021
September 22, 2021
October 6, 2021
October 21, 2021
November 13, 2022
November 27, 2022
December 4, 2022