- Outdoor Classes

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All classes are:

  - 1 hour per class

  - 4 students maximum

  - 8 weeks duration

  - $120 for Paws4Fun Members,

     $145 for non-members

  - outdoors at Paws4Fun

     (see the Location Page)

2022 Outdoor Agility Classes

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Session 1, starting May 30 to June 3

 Day, Time
Start Date
Foundations < 1 year   >> FULL
   for dogs under 1 year old
Tuesday, 6:00 pm
 May 31, 2022
Foundations     >> FULL
   for dogs over 1 year old
Tuesday 7:30 pm
 May 31, 2022
Foundations >> FULL
Monday, 6:00 pm 
  May 30, 2022
Foundations >> FULL
Tuesday, 10:00 am
 May 31, 2022
Beginner 1
Wednesday, 10:00 am
  July 6, 2022
Beginner 1 & 2 >> FULL
Friday, 5:30 pm
  June 3, 2022
Pre-Starter / Starter >> FULL
Tuesday, 6:00 pm
 May 31, 2022
AAC Snooker & Gamble Tamed >> FULL
Wednesday, 6:00 pm 
  June 1, 2022

See Class Descriptions page for descriptions of classes. If you have questions about any class, or would like to request other classes, please contact the Training Coordinator at


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8-Week Agility Class Fee