Obedience 4 Agility Workshop

May 6, 2023
May 13, 2023

The goal of this workshop is to help dogs and handlers new to the sport of agility develop skills that will get them off to a successful start in this wonderful team activity!

This workshop will use games and positive reinforcement to help handlers and their dogs to:

-  Develop focus and engagement with each other. Agility is much easier at any level if you and your dog are able to work as a team and connect with one another.
-  Maintain stationary positions (such as sits and stands) which will form the foundation for completing contacts, start line stays and even being measured by a judge.
-  Recalls and moving with the handler (even in distracting environments!). Dogs do get the zoomies! A dog who comes back to you will minimize your frustration.

- Target objects close and further away, including hands, cones and flat targets. This forms the basis for training contacts and having your dog work away from you.

This workshop is presented by Liz Doran who has trained her dogs in obedience, rally, agility, field work and dock diving. In obedience she and her canine partners attained both OTCh and MOTCh titles, including High in Trial scores. In agility, she has earned titles up the the advanced levels with her goldens Samson and Rory. Liz has been an instructor at Paws4Fun agility for 3 years.

No agility experience is necessary to participate in this course.


6 working spots available

3 auditing spots available


members $30 working

non-members $36 working

members $10 auditing

non-members $12 auditing

Date and Time:

Saturday May 6, 2023, 9am to noon

Saturday May 13, 2023, 1:00pm to 4:00pm - AUDIT ONLY, WORKING FULL


Via etransfer to treasurer@paws4funagility.ca, or the PayPal button below.

Obedience 4 Agility

Registration opens:

- for Paws4Fun Members, April 15, 2023

- for non-members, April 22, 2023

Location: weather dependent. Either Paws4Fun Agility Club (see Location), or SilverDawn Arena (see Member Practice)