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NDAL Events

What is NDAL?

The National Dog Agility League (NDAL) is a monthly recreational agility competition between international agility clubs. Clubs play on a monthly basis. Anyone can play, additional players can join at any point during the season.

Each team dogs must be registered with NDAL for $10 US (one‐time fee per dog) before participating for their first time. The Paws4Fun Team Captain will register our team members. NOTE: NDAL will waive registration fees for all dogs on the Paws4Fun Team registered in June!

Runs are scored by the participating club’s designated judge based on rules posted for the course (usually scoring is Time, Plus faults). NDAL compares scores against all that participated that month to determine the ranking teams/dogs. Scores and ranking of teams is posted by NDAL each month. Every dog that plays earns ‘Life Time Performance ‘points towards NDAL titles (points are based on various things, like the fact that they played, whether they got a qualifying score or not, how many other dogs they beat, etc).

Dates (course setup in Ring 2)
 Course Map
 June 8 - 12
 June 22 - 26
 July 6 - 9
 July 20 - 24
 August 10 - 14
 August 24 - 28
 August 31 - September 4
 September 14 - 18
 October 5 - 9
 to be added
 October 19 - 23
 to be added

How NDAL Events Work at Paws4Fun

All events are subject to Public Health recommendations related to COVID-19 in effect at the time, and the Paws4Fun policies in place as detailed in the registration form, and available at COVID-19 Pandemic Rules.

Paws4Fun will participate in the ‘Games’ and ‘50x70 Fast and Fun’ series.

Every 2nd week (to be confirmed, planning for Monday evening from approx. 6‐8 pm), P4F NDAL players will meet at the field to set up 1 ring with one of the NDAL courses for that month and players can run the course that night and be judged ‘live’ if they wish. Note that set‐up nights will be subject to Public Health recommendations related to COVID‐19 in effect at the time.

The course will stay set up for that week, so players who are unable to attend the set‐up night can run it during the week. Runs may be video‐taped (eg. on participant cell phone) and sent to the club team captain to be judged.

NDAL encourages runs to be submitted for posting on the NDAL website, but this is optional. The P4F NDAL captain will submit the scores of all P4F participants each month.

There is no cost to join the Paws4Fun Team. The fee for each course that you elect to run is $5 for P4F members, and $10 for non‐members.

Everyone is welcome the team at any point during the 2020 outdoor agility season! To join the Paws4Fun NDAL team, see below - there is no cost from Paws4Fun to join our team. 

Got questions? Please contact

Registration & Payment

To join the Paws4Fun Team, which is free, please submit the Paws4Fun online registration here. The Paws4Fun Team Captain will take care of NDAL registration for team members. NDAL has waived their one time $10/dog registration fee for Paws4Fun team members for the month of June!

Payment is made each time that you play a course, that's every 2 weeks if you play every session. Paws4Fun accepts online payments only via e-transfer or PayPal.

- Send e-transfers to , using the security question and answer specified in the registration form you filled out when you joined the team.

- Pay via PayPal using the button below.
NDAL Course Fee