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E-transfer is the preferred method of payment. For information on how to pay by e-transfer or cheque, refer to the membership form. To pay via PayPal use the buttons below. 

2020 Membership

Because Paws4Fun Agility is a not-for-profit organization, all membership fees are used towards facilities and equipment, plus administrative costs which are minimal as club all administrators are member volunteers.

To Renew Your Membership

2019 members have been sent a membership renewal form by email. The form provides an opportunity to update information and to update membership engagements, and includes submission and payment instructions.

The fee will be based upon the member's volunteer hours in the previous year.  If you did not fulfill all your volunteer hours in 2019, you will be expected to pay $5 for each outstanding hour. If you have not received a renewal email, or you have any questions, please contact the membership coordinator at membership@paws4funagility.ca.

The 2020 membership application form is also by clicking here.

To Join Paws4Fun 

To join Paws4Fun, complete the membership form, here, and follow the instructions in it for submission and payment.

Membership is offered to single or family applicants through our membership forms with payment of the fee: $70 for a single membership, or $100 for a family membership. This will be reduced if people join after July 1.  These fees are based on the expectation that the member will contribute at least 16 volunteer hours during the year. If you choose not to contribute volunteer hours, the fee is $150 for a single membership, or $200 for family a membership.

HESITATING TO JOIN? NEED SOME ANSWERS? Contact membership@paws4funagility.ca to have your questions addressed via email or set up a time for contact via phone.

MEMBERSHIP ACCEPTANCE - The Paws4Fun Agility membership coordinator will notify new and renewing members by email when their membership application has been accepted. If you feel that application acknowledgement is taking too long, please do not hesitate to contact membership@paws4funagility.ca