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Online Payment Only.

Information on how to pay via e-transfer (preferred) is included in the membership form. To pay via PayPal use the button below. 

2022 Membership

If you were unable to complete your volunteer hour minimum in 2022, please use the button below to pay $5 for each hour uncompleted.

Select "Add to Cart". When it takes you to PayPal, increase the quantity to match the number of hours for which you are paying.

Fee for missed volunteer hours

Because Paws4Fun Agility is a not-for-profit organization, all membership fees are used towards facilities and equipment, plus administrative costs which are minimal as all club administrators are member volunteers.

Paws4Fun Agility Club is currently in the 2022 membership year, the last day of which is 31-March-2023. The 2023 membership year begins 1-April-2023.

To Renew Your Membership

At the start of each membership year, members are sent a membership reminder by email, with a link to the online application form.

The membership year starts 1-April, and no matter when you renew, your membership expires on that date. When your membership expires, you will no longer be eligible for member discounts on Paws4Fun events and classes, and you will not be able to book practice time via the booking calendar.

Memberships can be renewed up to the last day of April, after that your membership is considered to be a new membership, which results in loss of any discount you may have achieved through the Frequent Volunteer Rewards Program.

Payment instructions are included in the application form. Membership fee is based upon your volunteer hours in the previous year.  If you did not fulfill all your volunteer hours in that year, you will be expected to pay $5 for each outstanding hour. If you have any questions, please contact the membership coordinator at membership@paws4funagility.ca.

To Join Paws4Fun 

To join Paws4Fun, complete and submit the online membership form, 2022 Online Membership Application, and follow the instructions in it for payment. The membership year begins 1-April, and no matter when in the year you join, your membership expires on 1-April.

Membership is offered to single or family applicants through our membership form with payment of the fee. These fees are based on the expectation that members will contribute at least 16 volunteer hours during the year.

Full year membership fee with volunteer commitment of 16 hours is: $70 for a single; or $100 for a family.

Full year membership fees with volunteer commitment waived is: $150 for single; or $200 for family.

Mid-season membership fee reduction comes into effect on August 1. Mid-season membership fee with volunteer commitment of 8 hours is: $50 for a single; or $85 for a family; or volunteer commitment waived $100 for single; or volunteer commitment waived $150 for family.

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at Paws4Fun, at Trials, Fun Matches and events, as well as facilities maintenance tasks and administrative jobs. Check out the many tasks available at Volunteer Tasks, or contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@paws4funagility.ca

HESITATING TO JOIN? NEED SOME ANSWERS? Contact membership@paws4funagility.ca to have your questions addressed via email, or set up a time for a phone conversation.

MEMBERSHIP ACCEPTANCE - The Paws4Fun Agility membership coordinator will notify new and renewing members by email when their membership application has been accepted. If you feel that application acknowledgement is taking too long, please do not hesitate to contact membership@paws4funagility.ca

Mid-season membership rates are available for new members joining after 1-August-2022, but before 1-April-2023. Please contact membership@paws4funagility.ca for details.