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K9 Kup Fee

K9 Kup Weekend Schedule


  - 4:30 pm Course Build & Setup

  - Team's tents can be left after

     setup (at owner's risk)


  - 8:00 am Gates Open

  - 8:15 am Volunteer Briefing

  - 8:30 am General Briefing

  - 8:45 am Judge's Briefings

  - 9:00 am First Runs

  - Lunch at judges' discretion

  - Tear down after all events

     are complete

Past Results

2020 K9-Kup Dates

#1 - June 21 (cancelled)

#2 - July 26

#3 - August 23

#4 - September 27

COVID-19 Considerations for K9-Kup

K9-Kup will be subject to Public Health recommendations related to COVID-19 in effect at the time. 

Registration for K9-Kup #25

The maximum number of teams has been reached. The 2020 K9-Kup is closed for new team registration. For team members still needing to register, the form is here.

For those competing for the third year or more, you will be scored as having the equivalent of an ADC.

For additional information or clarification, please contact the K9-Kup Coordinator at  K9Kup@paws4funagility.ca.

Volunteering at K9-Kup

Every team is to provide one jump crew at each K9-Kup. This can be a team member, or designated volunteer.

All other ring crew positions are filled by PawsFun members, or their proxies. Members who are competing can complete volunteer hours during set-up the night before, morning setup, or tear down.

Member volunteers please sign-up via the following links:
 July-26          August-23           September-27

About K9-Kup

K9-Kup is a series of four mock agility trials held monthly from June to September.  The first and third will have a Standard, Gamblers, and Jumpers.  The second and fourth will have a Standard, Snooker and Steeplechase.

There is room for 15 teams with 8-10 dogs. These are split into three divisions which run concurrently. Ribbons are presented to 1st to 3rd for each event in each division. Overall placement ribbons 1st to 5th are presented at the last K9Kup.

It is hoped that competitors will find the K9Kup fun, stress free, and valuable preparation for competitive agility trials.


      Dogs are judged using modified AAC Starters level rules. There are no refusals in any events.

      Only the top four scores will be counted. Of these four only one can have an ADC or equivalent.