Volunteer Jobs at
AAC Trials
 * Ring Crew / Judge Assist *

Ring Crew / Judge Assitant

You have two jobs:

As Ring Crew, your job is to help during height changes. This role is described here

As Judge Assistant, your job is to follow the judge around and do help them in whatever way you can. Most of this work is before and in between events, helping to tweak the courses, helping to measure dogs, and locating people or things the judge needs.

  1. When the judge arrives on site, the Trials Secretary will make sure you are introduced to the judge, if you do not already know them.
  2. After a course has been built, the judge must tweak and measure the course. Stay close so you can assist with, or find others to assist with, any course adjustments that need to be made.
  3. The judge will not know where to find things, or where to find people they might need to talk to. You can help with this. You don't need to know where everything is, just make sure you know the Trials Secretary and Trials Director - either one of them will be able to find what, or who, you need.
  4. Prior to the start of events, there may be dogs that the judge needs to measure. Help them in whatever manner they need with this. They are generally skilled at relaxing dogs and keeping them still for measurement, so assist only by doing what they ask you to do.
  5. We are always concerned about dehydration during hot, sunny summer trials. Please frequently offer the judge a cool bottle of water. (And make sure you keep hydrated yourself too!)