Winter Cheer League 2021 - adapting to the pandemic

The province of Ontario is in a State of Emergency, and under a Stay-At-Home Order, predicted to remain in effect until 11-Feb-2021. In accordance with this measure Paws4Fun Agility Club is closed for all non-online activities.

Jan 30-31 Match = At-Home & Online

The match as planned was two jumpers courses run on a single layout of equipment in the Paws4Fun arena. The two courses were 15 obstacles each, built from 4 jumps and 3 tunnels. The At-Home & Online Match for January will also be two jumpers courses run on a single layout of equipment, but you will build the course yourself at your home. No equipment? Little space? Read on, hopefully there is a way for you to play!


You build a layout of obstacle(s) at your home, and video runs of two courses on that layout with each dog you have entered in the league. On the Match weekend, Jan 30-31, you post those videos on the League's Facebook page. They will be judged for Qs and points, entered for the first Match results of the League, and you can have fun watching everyone else's videos too.



There are three layouts (six courses) below for you to choose from:

    - courses #1a and #1b use only 1 jump;

    - courses #2a and #2b use 2 jumps;

    - courses #3a and #3b use 1 jump and 1 tunnel.   

You may build and run one pair of courses, or all of them, in your home or yard depending on the space and equipment you have available, and post video of those runs to the League's Facebook page (FB link will be provided. If you don't have an FB account, please contact the League organizer).

Obstacle spacing - you will see on the course maps that there is no distance between obstacles shown. Choose whatever distance works for your space and your dogs.

You may practice the courses as many times as you want to come up with the video you want to post for each course. There will also be a spot for posting FEO runs, and bloopers too.

All the runs you post will be judged. Your time, faults, Q/NQ and points will be posted as a reply comment to your video post. Your best two runs will count as your results for Match #1 of the League. You only need to do two courses for the Match, but we'd love to see video of you doing all of them if you have the space and equipment.

There will be special surprise prizes awarded too, in addition to Qs and points. 

Scoring is the same as a regular match:

    - faults = 5 for a knocked bar, 20 for a non-completion

    - Q = (time + faults) less than or equal to SCT

    - points = 500 minus (time + faults)

    - use of treats and/or toys causes the run to be FEO, and it will not count for Qs or points

For this Match, jump height may be set to anything you want, it does not need to be the height at which you are registered. Your Qs and points will be counted in the height category at which you registered. (For example, if you have a dog registered for 20" height, and you only have space in your living room for that dog to jump a 4" jump, go ahead and do that, and your score will still be counted in the 20" jump height group for league placement scoring.)

Not everyone has equipment. Try courses #1a and #1b, which use only one jump. If you don't have a jump, use anything you've got. Be creative (there will be a special prize for the competitor creating the most inventive jump). Here's Rex using a jump made from books and a ruler - Rex Demo. Here's Rocky using a jump made from pans and a vacuum - Rocky Demo. If you want to create your own tunnel for Courses #3a and #3b, we'd love to see what you come with!

Not everyone has space, especially for the bigger, faster dogs. Maybe you can use the one jump courses. Set the jump height to anything you want - your big dog can step over a 4" jump and the SCT is set to allow time for dogs to walk the course without jumping. Maybe, if the winter keeps going the way it has so far, you will be able to find non-slippery ground outside.

Just can't make it work? You can always use the substitute rule. You can pick any other League member (member list), and their Qs and points will count for you for this Match. Let the League organizer know who you select before the videos are posted on Jan 30-31, and cheer them on! Don't want to select your substitute ? ... let the organizer know, and a sub will be randomly selected for you.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Please contact the League organizer, Carolyn Heide at

Courses #1a and #1b
- Single Jump Courses

 Course Maps - here

Rocky demos:  #1a, #1b

Courses #2a and #2b
- Two Jump Courses

Courses Maps - here

Rocky demos: #2a, #2b

Courses #3a and #3b
- Jump & Tunnel Courses

Course Map - here

Rocky demos: #3a, #3b