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What is IDAL?

The International Dog Agility League (IDAL) is a monthly recreational agility competition between international agility clubs. Clubs play on a monthly basis. Anyone can play, additional players can join at any point during the season.

Each team dogs must be registered with IDAL for $10 US (one‐time fee per dog) before participating for their first time. The Paws4Fun Team Captain will facilitate registration of new team members.

Runs are scored by the participating club’s designated judge based on rules posted for the course (usually scoring is Time, Plus faults). IDAL compares scores against all that participated that month to determine the ranking teams/dogs. Scores and ranking of teams is posted by IDAL each month. Every dog that plays earns ‘Life Time Performance ‘points towards IDAL titles (points are based on various things, like the fact that they played, whether they got a qualifying score or not, how many other dogs they beat, etc).

2023 Summer Outdoor IDAL Dates

- May 24 (weather dependent, may be indoors)

- June 14, 18

- July 12, 26

- August 9, 23

- September 13, 27

- October 11, 25

2022-23 Indoors at Silver Dawn

 Course Map
 May 6, 2023
 to be added
 April 29, 2023
to be added
April 15, 2023 
 to be added
 April 1, 2023
 to be added
 March 18, 2023
 March 4, 2023
 Feb 25, 2023
 Feb 18, 2023
 Jan 21, 2023
  Jan 7, 2023
 Dec 18, 2022
 Dec 10, 2022
 Nov 26, 2022
  Nov 12, 2022

How IDAL Events Work at Paws4Fun, indoors in 2022-23

All events are subject to Public Health recommendations related to COVID-19 in effect at the time.

Paws4Fun will participate in the IDAL events on the second and fourth Saturday of each month for the winter, beginning in November 2022 when the fields are closed, going until weather permits the fields to open outdoors, possibly into May 2023.

Twice a month, on the second and fourth Saturday afternoon (12:30pm to 3:30pm), Paws4Fun IDAL players will meet at SilverDawn (see the Winter Indoor Practice page for details about SilverDawn) to set-up and run an IDAL course. Runs will be video-taped (e.g. on participant cell phone) and sent to the team captain to be judged. Each dog will run the course twice, with a one minute warm-up allowed prior to running the first time. IDAL players will tear down the course once the event is complete.

IDAL encourages runs to be submitted for posting on the IDAL website, but this is optional. The Paws4Fun IDAL captain will submit the scores of all P4F participants each month.

Additional players may join the P4F IDAL team at any point during the season! To join the Paws4Fun IDAL team, see below - there is no cost from Paws4Fun to join our team. 

Got questions? Please contact


To join the Paws4Fun Team, which is free, please submit the Paws4Fun online registration form .  All team members are required to register their dogs with IDAL for a one-time $10 US fee. The Paws4Fun Team Captain will facilitate the IDAL registration process for new team members.


Payment are accepted by electronic means only:

- Send e-transfers to , using the security question "IDAL" and answer "paws4fun"

- Or, Pay via PayPal using the buttons below.

Effective May-2023, IDAL participants may continue to pay $5 per dog (members) or $8 per dog (non-member) per course, or opt to pay a flat fee. The flat fee for the 2023 Summer Sessions (May-October) is of $45 per dog (members) or $50 per dog (non members). 


The flat fee for the 2023 Jan-April Session is $35 per dog (members) or $45 per dog (non members)

The flat fee for the 2023 Summer Sessions (May-October) is of $45 per dog (members) or $50 per dog (non members).

Participants paying per course: For the winter session, payment is required by the Friday evening before each scheduled IDAL event. For the summer session, payment is required by the Tuesday evening before the IDAL event. Credits will be provided for any missed runs.

Participants paying the flat rate: Payment must be made by the day before the first event, in May for the Summer session and November for the Winter session. Credits will only be provided if Paws4Fun cancels due to weather and/or facility access.

PayPal Per Course Payment

PayPal Payment for Full Session 

IDAL Per Course Fee
IDAL Indoors, Jan-2023 to April-2023
IDAL Outdoors, May-Oct 2023