Volunteers -
How to Report Work Done

Paws4Fun Members

Thank you for all you do !!!!   When you have completed some volunteer work, please send an email to this

"mailto" link (which is the Membership Coordinator and the Volunteer Coodinator), with:

- the date you worked;

- how many hours you worked;

- what you did.

Proxy volunteering

Anyone who is not a club member can perform a volunteering duty on behalf of a regular member. The regular club member benefits from the time contributed. The proxy should send email using the "mailto link" above, identifying in their email the member for whom they are volunteering.

Members Competing at AAC Trials

When any competitor enters a Paws4Fun Trial, they are encouraged to volunteer for 2 events (for example, ring crew for Masters Standard #1 and Advanced Standard #1 would be volunteering for two events). This guarantees their entry should the trial fill up. When a P4F members enters, this applies to them also - if they volunteer to work at the trial, the first two events at which they volunteer are used to guarantee their trial entry and these two events DO NOT count towards their membership-volunteer-hours. Anything that they work above and beyond those first two events does count towards their membership-volunteer-hours.

Club Administrators

Members holding positions listed at About - Our Board & Coordinators do not have to register the hours they put in doing work related to these positions. These positions are expected to demand at least 50 hours of volunteer time and require availability that is not demanded of regular club members.

K9-Kup Judges

Members who volunteer to be K9-Kup judges should register their hours spent on course design as well as officiating and travelling to and from the Paws4Fun Agility grounds.