- Hoopers Classes

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All classes are:

  - 1 hour per class

  - 4 students maximum

  - 8 weeks duration

  - $120 for Paws4Fun Members

  - outdoors at Paws4Fun

     (see the Location Page)

2022 Hoopers Class - Paws4Fun members only

This 8 week course will provide an introduction to Canine Hoopers where dogs navigate a course of hoops, tunnels, barrels, and a flat "contact" board. Hoopers has a focus on distance challenges, with different boxes the handler stands in to send their dog to obstacles. The obstacles for Hoopers have been chosen to make the sport as low impact as possible  which makes it a great sport for senior and disabled dogs, as well as extra large and extra small dogs, and dogs who are not built for jumping. The courses are designed to be flowing, and tight turns are not allowed.

At this time Canine Hoopers classes are only open to Paws 4 Fun members. Additional classes will be available in spring 2023.

Start Date:  Monday Sept. 12, 2022

Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Instructor:  Rachel Denny

Location:  Paws4Fun, Ring 3

Cost:  $120, members only

Class Size:  4 students maximum

Registration Opens:  Sept 2, 2022



Please do not pay until you receive confirmation email from the Training Coordinator, informing you that you have secured a place in your requested class.

Payment Method:

E-transfer is the preferred method of payment. For information on how to pay by e-transfer, refer to the registration form.

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8-Week Hoopers Class Fee