Canine Hoopers

Held multiple dates in the summer of 2022

Instructor: Rachel Denny

This 2-hour workshop lead by Rachel Denny will introduce the fundamentals of Hoopers. Canine Hoopers is a fairly new sport that is very popular in the UK. It is a game similar to agility. Dogs navigate a course of hoops, tunnels, barrels, and a flat "contact" board. Hoopers has a focus on distance challenges, with different boxes the handler stands in to send their dog to obstacles. The obstacles for Hoopers have been chosen to make the sport as low impact as possible. The courses are designed to be flowing, and tight turns are not allowed. This workshop will include an introduction to the history, rules, and obstacles, as well as various foundational exercises.

Canine Hoopers is a great sport for senior and disabled dogs, as well as extra large and small dogs, and dogs who are not built for jumping. It can be helpful for teaching young, fast dogs control and distance work. It's a great complement to agility, or a great activity to engage in on its own!