Creating an agility site from an empty field - Spring 2013

With the April thaw and some appropriate weather ordered we plan to start staking out our new agility fields on Taylor Road.  They will include three roped rings for competition and a fenced foundation training ring.  The competition rings will be 100 ft x  100 ft (previously they were roughly 90 ft x 110 ft).   The fenced foundation ring will be 50 ft x 50 ft.  Plenty of space exits to exercise dogs which is well away from the parking area and even further from the road.

Our new landlord is one of our members:  Charlene Harradine.

Our plan for modular and simple fencing along with portable-removable installations will allow us to expedite club implantation.   In this fashion we will not scar the land and all that is installed can easily be removed.  These plans include delimiting a parking area for at least 150 cars for the commencement of competitions.  


We will have a 10 ft x 40 ft competition officials’ shelter and will identify equally sturdy, but smaller, gate keeper’s shelters.  A secure shed for competition equipment and supplies will also exist. Power will be supplied for the score keeper's station as will water to cool down dogs.

As for AAC sanctioned trials, the rings and equipment that we must replace will require AAC approval as laid out in the AAC rules.  We hope to be in the position to host September's joint OVBCC-P4FA weekend trial this year at our new home.  Regardless, we know that we will be ready to host trials in 2014.

For K9-Cup and training we wish to pull out all stops and get the three rings, the foundation training ring and three sets of equipment ready.  OVBCC will kindly rent us the set of equipment that we previously enjoyed the use of at the old ADSC site.  That leaves us working to get one new full set of equipment in May, some to be fabricated by volunteers.  By accomplishing this we can succeed in having all of our 2013 K9-Cup events as the traditional “high-participation-one-day affair” from the get-go.  (We have a plan B, in case … but let's Q on this one instead!)

P4FA will be implementing a member identification system.  The goal is to have only members of the club training on P4FA facilities except for formal training sessions.  With the identification system, Charlene will be able to help the club monitor the use of our facilities.