This page contains: General Trial Format; Trial Details; Competitor Details; Site Details; and Crew Details.

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General Trial Format

Two courses only are available, built Rings 1 and 2. Note that here will be no table used in the Standard events at any level, per AAC pandemic rules.

Competitors are assigned a one hour time slot. Four time slots in the morning - at 9am, 10am, 11am and noon. Four time slots in the afternoon - at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm. Each time slot has 6 competitors assigned to it. Basically, these 6 competitors will drive in, walk and run the two courses, and drive out.

Each six-some of competitors is asked to arrive 15 minutes before their time slot, to exercise their dogs well distanced from Rings 1 and 2, in the area of Ring 3, until their designated time slot begins.

The ring crew, will be comprised of a minimum of 4 people in or near the rings:  (1) Judge;  (2) Timer;  (3) Scribe;  (4) Ring crew / Gate handler. With the addition of the 6 competitors, this is a maximum gathering size of 10 people per ring. If local COVID-19 rules allow outdoor gatherings of more than 10 people, more ring crew will be added.

There are additional P4F crew members on site, away from the rings. These include:

- The Traffic Cop stays near the main vehicle gate: handling the gate; ensuring that no one enters before their time, and showing those that do where to wait when they arrive early; directing them where to park when they are allowed into the field; making sure there are no traffic jams on the driveway.

- The Site Wrangler roves inside the competition field: ensuring that the competitors on site know where they need to be; ensuring the waiting competitors stay well clear of the competition rings; ensuring that completed competitors exit the property when they have completed their runs; generally answering questions on what is happening and where to find things.

- The Trials Secretary / Scorekeeper works in or near the shed. They will process trial results, and work with competitors to safely provide them with ribbons and rosettes if they so choose. Please wear a mask while picking up ribbons.

The ONLY competitors allowed on site at any time are the competitors assigned to the current time slot, and the competitors awaiting the start of their time slot. Competitors may not set up tents, they should car-crate their dogs and sit in their cars to the extent possible (depending on the needs of the dogs and the weather). No guests, spectators or videographers are allowed, competitors only.

The approximate schedule for each one hour time slot is, in sequence:

(1) Socially distanced Judge's briefing in Ring 1

(2) 6 competitors walk the course in Ring 1 (7 min)

(3) 6 competitors warm up their dogs (5 min)

(4) a competitor runs the course in Ring 1

(5) any height / equipment changes needed are done by the Ring Crew, Timer and Scribe

(6) repeat steps (4) and (5) for 5 more competitors

(7) 6 competitors cool down and car-crate their dogs (5 min)

(8) repeat steps (1) through (6) for the course in Ring 2

(9) 6 competitors cool down their dogs in an area well distanced from Rings 1 and 2, and drive off the property

At Step (8), the six-some of waiting competitors can car-crate their dogs and begin step (1).

Don't worry, you don't to memorize all this, the Traffic Cop and Site Wrangler are there to help you!

Event Details

(1) Please be patient, choose kindness!! This is a different trial format, and we need your help to make this work. While we at Paws4Fun have tried to think of everything in advance, there are a ton of details to be covered. Help us to find a way to play the sport we all love while staying safe in these difficult times. No doubt things will change as the plan is executed, so please keep calm and have fun!

(2) No general briefing. If there are instructions needed for the courses, the Judge will be available to the competitors in each time slot at the start of their walk-through. The Judge will also be at ring side while competitors walk the courses in case they have questions.

(3) There will be no check-in/registration.

(4) There is no Gate Keeper, no posted gate list, as there are only six competitors at any given time. The email competitors receive informing them of their time slot will also contain the running order for the four competitors in that time slot.

(5) Course Maps:
    - Course maps will be posted on the P4F web site for competitors to download and print for themselves at 7am the day of the event.
    - No paper copies of course maps will be provided by P4F at the trial. Competitors should print their own copies, or can view them on the smart phones.
    - Two copies of the course maps will be posted outside Ring 1. Competitors are requested to wear masks if studying these maps while there are
       other competitors nearby.
(6) Results will be published online a day or two after the event, and they will not be posted on site. However, competitors can ask the Scorekeeper for their results after their run (the Site Wrangler can help you find the Scorekeeper).

(7) Ribbons will be available at the shed to be handed out by the Score Keeper who will be working there. The Score Keeper and competitor can hand off the ribbons in whatever manner with which they are both comfortable. If competitors are uncomfortable taking ribbons, they can arrange to pick them up at a later date when they feel more comfortable. The Site Wrangler can instruct people on how to find ribbons.

(8) Titles earned will be celebrated on the P4F FaceBook page after the Trial and at the P4F AGM. No title ceremonies on site, sorry.

(9) Dog Height Measurements will be handled in accordance with the AAC Position Statement of 23-May: "if a dog has one measurement on their ID card, they can continue to compete in the height indicated by that measurement. Dog ID cards will not be signed by the officiating judge. Judges will provide a one-time measure for dogs under 2 years or dogs with no measurement recorded on their card. A temporary COVID-19 measurement card will be given to the handler to be used during this time until normal measuring procedures can be resumed."

(10) A single gate will be used for ring entry/exit. The gate will be opened and closed by the Ring Crew Gate Handler, competitors should not touch it and should maintain a two meter distance from the Gate Handler and from the other competitors while entering and exiting the ring.

(11) As there is a single entry/exit gate, there will be no Leash runner. Competitors may drop their leash/collar on the ground in the ring near the gate. AAC rules now allow competitors to run with their leash in their pocket.

(12) There will be four warm up jumps, one for each competitor to use. In between time slots, the jump bars on the warm up jumps will be disinfected by the Site Wrangler, so the competitor may handle them during their warm-up time.

Competitor Details

(1) What to bring:

    - MUST bring your own mask and hand sanitizer.

    - Bring your own copy of the course maps.

    - DO NOT bring a tent or much crating stuff. You will only be on site for 95 minutes.

    - If you can, please crate your dog in your car so that you can set up and exit in the minimum amount of time. 

(2) Competitors MUST wear a mask during the walk-though. (If a competitor cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, accommodations will be made if possible.) Competitors may wear masks while running events, or not, at their own discretion.

(3) Competitors with dogs at multiple levels MUST exit the P4F site completely between events at each level. For example, a competitor with 1 Advanced dog and 1 Masters dog would arrive on site for their assigned Masters time slot on Saturday morning, run their Masters events, leave the P4F site, and return for their assigned time slot on Saturday afternoon. They MAY NOT wait anywhere on the P4F property between their time slots.

(4) Competitors may register and compete with more than one dog in their time slot, if their dogs are all competing at the same level (e.g. 2 Starters dogs or 3 Masters dogs). They must understand that they may be running their dogs back-to-back, or at best with a few other dogs in between.

(5) No spectators allowed, only competitors and crew on site. There will be no one available to video for you, the crew and the other competitors will not have time to spare, and will not want to handle your camera.

Site Details

(1) All persons MUST maintain a physical distance of 2 meters from people and dogs with whom they do not share a residence.
(2) Dogs not sharing a residence MUST be kept at a physical distance of 2 meters from each other.
(3) There will be no garbage cans on site. Everything brought on site, including garbage and poop bags, must be taken off site by the person who brought it.
(4) No competitor crating setup allowed, competitors should crate from their cars (depending on the needs of the dog, and the weather).
(5) Maximum 10 people allowed in a Ring.
(6) No food, snacks, water will be provided by Paws4Fun. Everyone is responsible for bring their own food and drinks.
(7) There will not be a cooling pool provided for dogs. Handlers should be aware of the need to keep their dogs cool.
(8) Competitors must not intentionally touch equipment, ring gates or barriers at any time, during their runs, during their walk-throughs, or in-between runs.
(9) There will be a port-a-potty with hand-sanitizer provided. Everyone is asked to sanitize hands well before and after using, and wear a mask while inside the port-a-potty. Surface disinfect will be provided and everyone is asked to wipe the handles inside & out after use. The Site Wrangler will disinfect the door handles/locks periodically throughout the day.
(10) Accidents will happen, and any of us may inadvertently break rules no matter how hard we try to follow them. That said, the Paws4Fun Site Wrangler will ask anyone deliberately not adhering to government or Paws4Fun Agility COVID-19 pandemic rules to leave the property immediately. 

Crew Details

(1) P4F provided staff while competitors are on site:
    - In rings: Judge, Timer & Scribe, 1 to 4 Ring Crew
    - On site, away from the rings: Score Keeper, Traffic Cop & Site Wrangler

(2) Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings when their are no competitors on site, the build and tear down crews will work. No more than 5 people to a crew. Crews must sanitize hands before touching gates or equipment, and must wear masks during build and tear down.

(3) Timer, Scribe, Ring Crew, Traffic Cop & Site Wrangler must work in half or full day shifts.

(4) P4F will provide hand sanitizer which Paws4Fun staff must use when they arrive on site, and before they leave the site.

(5) Score Keeper:
    - Work in the shed, well distanced from the Rings.
    - Send time slot assignments to competitors, Timer, Scribe, Traffic Cop and Site Wrangler before the trial.
    - Post course maps on the P4F web site.
    - Ensure scribe sheets provided to Scribes are disinfected.

(6) The Traffic Cop:
    - Handle the main vehicle gate, letting competitors enter at the appropriate time, making sure Ring 1 is clear when cars enter.
    - Instruct competitors on where to park.
    - Send vehicles to off-field parking they arrive too early, retrieving them from the parking area at the appropriate time.
    - Must wear a mask while talking to competitors through car windows.
    - Monitor traffic on the narrow driveway to prevent congestion.
    - Ensure that the Score Keeper provides then with the time slot assignments.

(7) Site Wrangler:
    - Guide the competitors who are on the fields waiting for their time slot. Show them where they can walk their dogs away from the rings, call
       them into the ring when their time slot arrives.
    - Responsible for rule enforcement. This includes ensuring that all competitors wear a mask during walk-through, and that accommodations are made
      for those competitors who cannot do so.
    - Disinfect the warm-up jumps bars between time slots.
    - Must maintain a 2 meter distance from all competitors and their dogs, and wear a mask when this is not possible.
    - Ensure that the Score Keeper provides then with the time slot assignments.

(8) Timer & Scribe:
    - Bring their own pens/pencils (and clip board if so desired). These will not be handed from one crew to the next at crew change.
    - Timer control box will be wiped with disinfectant at crew change.
    - At the end of each level’s runs (Starters, Advanced, Masters), the Scribe will transfer the scribe sheets to the Score Keeper in a manner acceptable
      to them both.
    - Timer and Scribe will help the Ring Crew handle equipment.

(9) Ring Crew / Gate Handler
     - The Gate Handler will be the only person who touches the ring gate, opening and closing it for competitors entering and exiting the ring.
     - Handle equipment for knocked bars, height changes, and regular/special equipment changes when not needed at the gate.

(10) Ring Crew / Judge Assistant
      - Helps the Judge tweak courses after builds, at 8am each morning and at 1pm each day for re-build.
      - Is responsible for ensuring the crew does the 1pm course re-build.
      - Is the go-to resource for the Judge for whatever they need.
      - Reminds the Judge to stay hydrated. 
      - Handles equipment for knocked bars, height changes, and regular/special equipment changes.

(11) Ring Crew, Timer, Scribe and Judge will wear masks while dogs are running, if possible.

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