Paws4Fun Agility Club COVID-19 Rules

The outdoor fields at 2840 Taylor Road, and the indoor arena at 106 Edward Scott Road are under the coverage of  Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Health Unit.  Everyone using these facilities is required to adhere to the current Ontario government pandemic regulations for Sports and Recreational Facilities. Note that classes and events may have additional rules which will be included in their registration forms.

Beginning at 12:01am, 26 December, 2020, the province of Ontario enters a state of Provincewide Shutdown, in accordance with these measures described at this Ontario website, dated 21 December 2020.  These measures require Paws4Fun Agility Club to be closed for all indoor, non-online activities. All events, classes and practice at the Paws4Fun arena have been cancelled and the arena is closed.

The Provincewide Shutdown will remain in effect for 28 days for the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Public Health Unit, which is the governing health unit for the Paws4Fun Agility Club location.

Waiver & Release

All 2021 members have already agreed to the following Waiver and Release. Non-members registering to train or practice with Paws4Fun will be required to agree to it when they register:


- I attest that I will enter the Paws4Fun Agility property only if, to the best of my knowledge, in the 14 days prior to entering the property:

       - I have not had COVID-19, or symptoms of that virus

       - I have not been in contact with anyone who has had COIVD-19 or symptoms of that virus

       - I have not travelled outside of Canada, or been in contact with anyone who has travelled outside of Canada in the previous 14 days.

- I have read and will follow the Paws4Fun COVID-19 Pandemic Rules above.

- I will follow the municipal, provincial and federal guidelines for COVID-19.

- I will comply with any changes of the Paws4Fun Agility or government COVID-19 guidelines.

- I agree to participate at my own risk in relation to COVID-19. I do not hold Paws4Fun Agility or its volunteers, coordinators, instructors, judges or board members responsible for contracting COVID-19.

- This waiver applies from date of agreement until December 31, 2021.

- I will advise Paws4Fun Agility if there are any changes to my health, or those I have been in contact with, as related to COVID-19.