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COVID-19 Pandemic Safety

Municipal Guidelines

Paws4Fun is located in the municipality of North Grenville. The guidelines for use of Recreational Amenities during COVID-19 for North Grenville can be found here

COVID-19 Pandemic Waiver

Everyone entering the Paws4Fun site MUST have signed and submitted the Paws4Fun Agility COVID-19 Pandemic Waiver online. All members, and any visitors they bring to the venue must have signed and submitted this waiver online (paper will not be accepted). The waiver is included in all class, trial and event registration forms. By registering for a class, trial or event you have agreed to the terms therein.

Anyone found to be on the Paws4Fun Agility property who has not signed this waiver will be asked to immediately complete and submit the waiver online (which can be done from a smart phone), or leave the Paws4Fun property.

The waiver can be signed and submitted here - Paws4Fun Agility COVID-19 Waiver.

Paws4Fun Agility

Safety Rules for operation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

EVERYONE present at a venue for a Paws4Fun activity, must read these rules, and sign the Paws4Fun COVID-19 Pandemic Waiver.


- 10 ft between cars


- Your own sanitizer or soap, wet wipes, water for you and your dog, mask, food, tent, chair, dog spray bottle for cooling as needed, your copy of the club COVID-19 rules (or that ability to access these rules online)..


- All garbage and recycling, including poop bags, will be brought back home with you.


- No interaction between dogs, or people and dogs, who are not members of the same household.
- 6 feet social distancing.
- There will not be a pool.


- People not in the same household must still socially distance at 6 feet, and wear a mask when that is not


- Participants in the class, practice, or event MUST sanitize or wash hands before entering and after leaving the ring each time.

Main Gate to property

- Leave it open.


- Stay out unless you must enter (equipment or first aid kit).

- Sanitize hands before entering.


- Sanitize hands before entering, wear a mask in the port-a-potty, sanitize hands when leaving.
- WAIT for 2 minutes after the person ahead of you leaves, before entering.


- For practicing Participants must sanitize hands before and after working in the ring.
- For classes only the instructor will touch the equipment.
      - Minimize height changes where possible.
- For lawn mowing or course set up sanitize hands before and after touching equipment.

Payments, Registration Forms and Waiver
- All payments must be made by E-transfer or PayPal. No cash, cheques, or money orders will be accepted.
- All Registration Forms and Waiver must be submitted online. Paper copies will not be accepted.

Last Update:  May 25, 2020