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CARO Fun Match

COVID-19 Considerations

This CARO Fun Match will follow the Paw4Fun Agility Club's COVID-19 Pandemic Rules, which can be found on the

COVID-19 Pandemic Rules page.

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CARO Fun Match

CARO Fun Match - Monday, Sept 6, 2021

There will be two rings, one Novice and one Advanced, each will have two different courses.


- Novice 1  = 9:00 am

- Advanced 1  = 9:00 am

- Novice 2  = 10:20 am

- Advanced 2  = 10:20 am

- Approximate finish = 11:30 pm

Cost: $10 per run

Participants may enter up to 2 runs:

- Novice 1 + 2, or

- Advanced 1 + 2, or

- Novice 1 + Advanced 2, or

- Advanced 1 + Novice 2

(Maximum 12 dogs in each event)

Each run is 5 minutes, for the participant to what they want in the ring. There will be no judging.

There will be one walk through of each course for all participants together. Masks must be worn during walk through.

Course maps will be sent electronically before the match.

Events will be held in Rings 2 and 3. Ring 1 will be available for practice while you await your turn for events, with a jump, tunnel and weaves with proper send zones.

This Match will be held outdoors at the Paws4Fun Agility Club field, for directions see the Location Page



- To pay via e-transfer follow the instructions in your registration.

- To pay via PayPal, use the button to the left.

(Use the reference chart below to select height when registering for Advanced events)