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Agility Demonstrations

As an important aspect of club activities, demonstrations provide the general public with an opportunity to experience “dog agility” and see firsthand how enjoyable it is as a sport for both the handler and their dog.  It becomes clear to spectators that any dog can learn this sport providing the dog is in good physical condition.

Dog Agility enhances the relationship between handler and dog.  It can provide a shy or inhibited dog with self-confidence, a high energy dog with the extra exercise it may require and dogs of all personalities the attribute of self-control.  

Groups seeking to entertain their attendees are welcome to inquire about scheduling a dog agility demonstration at their event.  We provide such demonstrations at no charge as our goal is to promote the sport of dog agility and enlighten the public on the benefits for both owner and dog. 

The venues at which we have performed demonstrations in the past include, but are not limited to: Canada Day events, community fairs, the Children’s Wish Foundation, the Wiggle Waggle Walk-a-thon, and the Nepean Sportsplex.

One of the most entertaining parts of the demonstration for both viewers and handlers is when we have invited children from the general public to participate.  We allow them to pick a dog of their choice and take them through the agility course on their own.  In this fashion it provides them with a taste of what it is all about and encourages them to get involved in training their dog(s).

Club members and their dogs that participate in the demonstration benefit from exposing their dogs, and themselves, to a wide range of environments and distractions which is key to the training process.

For further information on Paws4Fun agility demonstrations, or to request a demonstration at your event, please send email to