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2019 Trials

Once the Premiums are available, you can pay.  E-transfer is the preferred method of payment. For information on how to pay by e-transfer or cheque, refer to the premium.
To pay via PayPal use the buttons below. The prices shown are per run. When you are taken to the PayPal page, change quantity to the number of runs you are entered in and click the Update link.
Please note options for Early Bird registration and multiple runs.
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Problems? Questions? 
Contact the Trials Secretary at
More Trials
Visit the Agility Association of Canada (AAC) link - click here.

There is lots of valuable information agility in Canada on the AAC site which can be found by clicking here, so please look around.

2019 Outdoor Agility Season


June 8-9 (S/A/M)

July 6 (TR/SC)

July 7 (Standard)

September 7-8 (S/A/M)



P4FA Trial Information - 2019 Season

June 8-9 - S/A/M, Judges are Linda Yielding, Dan Yielding and Judith Batchelor (provisional)

   June 8, AM - Masters. 

   June 8, PM - Master and Advanced. 

   June 9, AM - Masters. 

   June 9, PM - Masters and Starters.

Opening date - March 1, 2019.  Early bird closing date - April 15, 2019. Regular closing date - May 1, 2019.

Early birds will get a reduction of $2 per run.  People who are competing in 4 or more runs will receive a discount of $1 per run (for all runs). FEO runs are not eligible for the multi-run discount but are for the early bird discount.

July 6-7 - TR/SC on July 6 and an all standard day on July 7. Judges are Gail Avery and Joanie Leclair. Closes on 2019-05-06.

September 7-8 - S/A/M, Judges are Lona O'Reilly and Janet Lundy. Closes on 2019-07-07.


Premiums and Results (as available)
Premiums will be posted as they become available.
The June premium and entry form are now available by clicking here. (2019-03-08)   
      For results, click here (2019-06-12).
The July premium and entry form are now available by clicking here. (2019-05-15)
       For results, click here (2019-07-12).
The September premium and entry form are now available by clicking here. (2019-07-09)

You'll be able to fill it out as a PDF and email it back to the Trials Secretary, paying vial PayPal (see box upper left). All you'll have to do at check-in is sign and date the waiver. For those who prefer the traditional method, just print it out (you can fill it out in Acrobat Reader first), sign it and send it with a cheque to the address on the form. We're happy either way.  Electronic signatures are also accepted.

In order to fill out a PDF document within Acrobat Reader, click on the link to open it, then save it on your computer by clicking on the little diskette icon which appears in the bar at the top right.  Open the saved form, fill out the fields and save it again. Attach it to an email and send it to TrialsSecretary@paws4funagility.ca. If you do not save the form on your computer and edit that document, any information you enter on the form displayed after clicking the link will be lost.

If the entry is full, priority will be given to the people who are volunteering at the trial.  To volunteer, contact Rose-Anne Gleiserat TrialsSecretary@paws4funagility.ca.