11th CARO - Sanctioned Rally Obedience Trial
June 4, 2022
Trial # 22-012

Paws4Fun Agility

2840 Taylor Rd, Kemptville, On, K0G 1K0

Please Do NOT mail to the above address



Sandra Barkely (J15-069),  Judy Miller (J02-003)

Opening Date (for P4F Members): April 2, 2022

Opening Date (for all): April 9, 2022

Closing Date: May 22, 2022 or when full


3 x Novice (A, B)

3 x Advance (A, B, C)

3 x Excellent (B, C)

1 x Versatility (B, C)

Gates open at 8:30 am

Start Times:

Registration and Measurement 8:45 am

Judge's briefing and novice walk thru 9:00 am

Times are approximate and will be confirmed with your final confirmation.


Paws4Fun Members = $19.00 per event

Non Members = $22.00 per event

General Information (Limited Entry Trial)

This is a Canadian Association of Rally obedience (CARO) sanctioned trial that will be held under CARO rules and regulations. Through submission of their entry, the Competitor acknowledges that they have read and understand the CARO rules and regulations.

All dogs must have a CARO registration number in order to compete. This registration should be applied for in advance of the trial, or you may do so at the trial by bringing the completed form, and a cheque for the correct amount (payable to CARO).

Note: An officiating Judge, and/or the Chairperson of the trial, may dismiss from the trial site any person subjecting the Judge or members or the organizing committee to abuse, whether that person is competing in the trial or not, also the Paws4Fun Agility Trials Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry. There shall be no refunds for acts of God, inclement weather, missed runs, entries withdrawn after the closing date, if a dog and/or handler are dismissed from competition, regardless of the reason for such dismissal, or in the event the dog is absent on the day of the trial. However, refunds will be given to a competitor whose bitch comes into season or whose dog is injured, provided that the Jane Rocchio (CAROclasses@Paws4FunAgility.ca) is informed at least 3 days prior to the trial date and a certificate from a veterinarian is provided at that time, if required. It is the Paws4Fun Agility policy to provide, on a case-by-case basis, either refund of monies or credits to be used at a future trial based on a decision by the Board of Directors, however, an administrative fee may be retained on refunded entries.

>> COVID-19 Pandemic rule: any competitor who elects not to attend the trial because they have tested positive or have symptoms of COVID-19, or have been in recent contact with someone who tested positive or has symptoms of COVID-19, will receive a full refund.

Facilities: The trial will be held outdoors on the Paws4Fun Agility grass fields. Portable washrooms are available. Bring your own seating, drinking water and dog crates. There is plenty of space for setting up shade tents, which are recommended as shade is limited. For those who wish to crate their dogs in their cars, parking space is available inside the fenced perimeter. There will be no food vendor; you must bring your own lunch

Dog Aggression: All dogs must be kept in an X-pen, crate, in your car, or on leash when not in the ring (this includes the grounds and parking lot). In order to avoid incidents of dog aggression towards other dogs and/or people, please give all dogs lots of room and be aware of your dog’s behavior at all times. Any dog engaging in aggressive behaviour at any time will be required to leave the grounds. In such cases, NO refunds will be issued.

Ring Etiquette: If you are not entered in a specific event, you are NOT permitted in the ring during the walk-through. If you are entered in an event and you are coaching others (or being coached by others), please show consideration for the rest of the competitors by doing your coaching OUTSIDE the ring and do not block other competitors, or hold strategy discussions in the ring during the walkthrough. Thank you for showing respect for all competitors.

Awards (please advise the Scorekeeper if your dog achieves a Title or Award of Merit at the Trial)

A titles sheet will be available at the main tent; please fill it in if you think you have achieved a title.

    • Qualifying Ribbons for all events.
    • Rosette Ribbons minimum awarded for 1st through 3rd place.
    • Title Rosette for any dog achieving any CARO title at the trial

Directions to Paws4Fun Agility: see the Location page

Streams & Heights

A Stream: for the handler who is an inexperienced beginner and who has never titled a dog in any sport.  A title for this purpose is one where the team is evaluated in-person by a judge and requires more than one pass.  The handler has not instructed or assisted with dog training classes in any sport.

B Stream: for the handler who has already obtained any title in any sport with any dog, who are professional trainers, instructors and assistants or who are Judges or Judges in training.

C Stream: for the team that has already earned the title in that level and are competing for C Stream titles such as Bronze, Silver, Gold Levels and all Championship titles.

Online Entry Form For June 2022 CARO Trial

Sorry, this trial is FULL


  1. Click - the big green Entry Form button (one dog per form).
  2. Fill - the form, and click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the entry form
    • Your completed entry will be emailed to the Paw4Fun CARO organizer.
    • A copy of your completed entry will be emailed to you.
  3. Pay - by the option you selected in your entry form, using instructions therein.

Your entry will be confirmed via email by the Paws4Fun CARO organizer when accepted. Your entry is not valid until accompanied by the correct entry fee.

Entries may be allowed after closing date if the trial is not full, therefore please contact CAROclasses@Paws4FunAgility.ca to request late entry.

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June-2022 CARO Trial Fee Per Run