Paws4Fun Agility Club
AAC-Sanctioned Agility Trial, Limited Entry
June 11 & 12, 2022

Closing Date: June 4, 2022 (or when full)

Paws4Fun Agility Club

2840 Taylor Rd, Kemptville, On, K0G 1K0

Please Do NOT mail to the above address

Trial Secretary:

MEMBERS ONLY Opening Date: April 16, 2022

Opening Date:  April 23, 2022

Early-Bird Discount Ends:  May 7, 2022

Judges: Chantelle Charlebois, Christine Mandy, Kathryn Kaiser

TRIAL BONUS:   for each buy run you buy, get a second at half price
                             (all discounts still apply)

Sequence of Events

Day 1  -  Saturday
 Starters Standard (Ring 1, Judge: Chantelle Charlebois)
 Starters Snooker (Ring 2, Judge: Chantelle Charlebois)
 Starters Gamblers (Ring 1, Judge: Chantelle Charlebois)
 Starters Jumpers (Ring 2, Judge: Chantelle Charlebois)
 Masters Gamblers 1 (Ring 1, Judge: Christine Mandy)
 Masters Jumpers 1 (Ring 2, Judge: Christine Mandy)
 Masters Standard 1 (Ring 1, Judge: Christine Mandy)
 Masters Snooker 1 (Ring 2, Judge: Christine Mandy)
 Challenge 1  (Ring 1, Judge: Christine Mandy)
Events in Sequence, Day 2  -  Sunday
 Advanced Standard (Ring 1, Judge: Chantelle Charlebois)
 Advanced Snooker (Ring 2, Judge: Chantelle Charlebois)
 Advanced Gamblers (Ring 1, Judge: Chantelle Charlebois)
 Advanced Jumpers (Ring 2, Judge: Chantelle Charlebois)
 Masters Gamblers 2 (Ring 1, Judge: Kathryn Kaiser)
 Masters Jumpers 2 (Ring 2, Judge: Kathryn Kaiser)
 Masters Standard 2 (Ring 1, Judge: Kathryn Kaiser)
 Masters Snooker 2 (Ring 2, Judge: Kathryn Kaiser)
 Challenge 2  (Ring 1, Judge: Kathryn Kaiser)

Schedule, each day of the Trial:


- Courses posted online on the Paws4Fun web site at (link to be provided):  6am

- General Briefing:  8:45am

- Judge's Briefing, first event:  9:00am

- Walkthrough, first event:  following Judge's Briefing

- First dog on the line, first event:  5 minutes after Walkthrough completion

- Timing estimates for lunch break and the rest of the events will be provided to registered competitors the week before the trial date

Price List (discounts are cumulative)


Price per dog per run = $18

FEO Price per dog per run = $13

Team Relay Price per dog per run = $10

Member Discount = $3 per run

Early-bird Discount = $2 per run

Multiple-run Discount = $1 per run when a dog is entered into 4 or more events (non-FEO runs)


TRIAL BONUS:  for each run you buy, get a second at half price  (all discounts still apply)

General Information - (Limited Entry Trial)

This is an Agility Association of Canada (AAC) sanctioned trial that will be held under AAC rules and regulations. Note that the Paws4Fun Agility Trials Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry. There shall be no refunds for acts of God, inclement weather, missed runs, entries withdrawn after the closing date, if a dog and/or handler are dismissed from competition, regardless of the reason for such dismissal, or in the event the dog is absent on the day of the trial. However, refunds will be given to a competitor whose bitch comes into season or whose dog is injured, provided that the Trials Secretary ( is informed prior to, or on the day of the Trial. It is the Paws4Fun Agility policy to provide, on a case-by-case basis, either refund of monies or credits to be used at a future trial based on a decision by the Board of Directors, however, an administrative fee may be retained on all refunded entries. FEO runs are allowed. Please indicate them on the entry form.

>> COVID-19 Pandemic rule: any competitor who elects not to attend the trial because they have tested positive or have symptoms of COVID-19, or have been in recent contact with someone who tested positive or has symptoms of COVID-19, will receive a full refund.

Title Trial: Dogs will be divided into 6 height groups (4", 8", 12", 16", 20", and 24") in 4 divisions (Regular, Special, Veteran and Double Drop Veteran). Masters Standard is open to dogs with an AADC title. Advanced Standard is open to dogs with an ADC title. Starters Standard is open to dogs that do not have an ADC title. Masters Games are open to dogs who have 3 corresponding Advanced Games qualifying scores (Q’s) under 2 different judges. Advanced Games are open to dogs who have 2 corresponding Starters Games Q’s under 2 different judges. Starters Games are open to dogs who have not earned 2 corresponding Starters Games Q’s under 2 different judges. Team Relay and Steeplechase are open to all levels. Note that move-ups will be allowed during the trial, provided space, time and sequence of events allow.

Obstacles: All obstacles conform to AAC specifications. Obstacles include A-frame, Dog Walk, See-Saw, Weave Poles, Table, Flexible Tunnels, Self-Healing Tire Jump, Ascending Spread Jump, Triple Jump, Double Bar Jump, Wall Jump, and Single Bar Jumps (winged and wingless). All contacts are rubberized. An electronic timing system (ETS) will be used for all events.

Facilities: The trial will be held outdoors on the Paws4Fun Agility grass fields and will proceed rain or shine. Portable washrooms are available. Bring your own seating, drinking water and dog crates. There is plenty of space for setting up shade tents, which are recommended, as shade is limited. There will be access to a pool with non-potable water to cool the dogs. For those who wish to crate their dogs in their cars, all parking space is inside the fenced perimeter. Note that while events are running in Ring #1 the perimeter gate will be closed, and vehicles will not be allowed to enter or exit.

Dog Aggression: All dogs must be kept in an X-pen, crate, in your car, or on leash when not in the ring (this includes the grounds and parking lot). Note that the use of retractable leashes is not permitted on the Paws4Fun grounds. In order to avoid incidents of dog aggression towards other dogs and/or people, please give all dogs lots of room and be aware of your dog’s behaviour at all times. Any dog engaging in aggressive behaviour at any time will be required to leave the grounds. In such cases, NO refunds will be issued.

Ring Etiquette: If you are not entered in a specific event, you are NOT permitted in the ring during the walk-through. Food is not allowed in the ring at any time. Non-audible toys in good condition are allowed in the ring only during FEO runs and may be thrown up to 10 feet.

Awards: Ribbons and rosettes will be available. If you realize after the trial that you earned a title, please contact the Trials Secretary at

        - Qualifying Rosettes for all event qualifiers in Starters, Qualifying Ribbons in Advanced and Masters 

        - Ribbons minimum awarded for 1st through 4th place, in each division (Mini, Medium and Open)

        - Best run prize awarded to 1st place in each division (Mini, Medium and Open)

        - Title Rosette for any dog achieving an AAC title at the trial

Directions to Paws4Fun Agility: see the Location page

Motels will accept guests with dogs under certain conditions:
Ottawa: Southway Inn, 613-737-0811
Kemptville: SureStay Hotel by Best Western, 613-258-5939
Smith Falls: Best Western, 613-284-0001
Smith Falls: Rogers Motel, 613-283-5200

Campgrounds accepting guests with dogs:
Kemptville: Rideau River Provincial Park 613-258-2740

Oxford Station: Wildwoods Campgrounds 613-258-2940

Veterinarian on Call: to be added

Online Entry Form - June 2022 AAC Trial


  1. Click on the big green Entry Form button (enter up to 4 dogs per form).
  2. Fill out the online form, and click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the entry form
    • Your completed entry will be emailed to the Paws4Fun Trials Secretary.
    • A copy of your registration will be emailed to you
  3. Pay the amount in the registration email sent to you, by the method you selected:
    • e-transfer using the address and security question/answer specified in your registration email
    • if you selected PayPal, a PayPal invoice will be emailed to you

Your entry will be confirmed via email by the Paws4Fun Trials Secretary when accepted.

Entries may be accepted after the Closing Date. Please contact the Trials Secretary at