Member Vendors
at the 2020 AGM!

The following members will have their wares at the AGM for your shopping pleasure!

Nina's Treats
     Homemade by
     Rose-Anne Gleiser

Dog/Agility Fabric Masks
     Handmade by
     Karyne Besso

  • Dog, cat, paw prints - $10 each
  • Agility fabric - $15
  • Border collie, Australian shepherd, Labrador retrievers
  • Nose wire and adjustable ear loops on all agility face mask

2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date:   Saturday 17-October, 2020

 Time:  1:30pm to 3:30pm

Rain Date:   Sunday 18-October, 2020

Location: Outdoors at Paws4Fun

Attendees: Members Only

Meeting Materials: Agenda, Financial Report, & 2019 AGM Minutes will be emailed to members prior to meeting.


   - If you cannot attend, consider appointing another member to be your proxy. **

   - Bring your own chair.

   - Leave your dog(s) at home.

   - Wear a mask and maintain social distancing at all times.

** Proxy - Members represented by proxy count toward meeting quorum, helping members who do attend to

                  achieve attendance necessary to hold a valid meeting. You may instruct your proxy how to vote

                  for you, for instance: Proxy, please abstain in my name on all votes; or, Proxy, please use your own

                  judgement on all votes; or, you may want to provide specific voting instructions on individual elections

                  and resolutions listed in the agenda.

Please RSVP - online here

Positions Open for Election and Appointment

Board of Director Positions
 - up for election at the 2020 AGM
 - nominations open prior to & at the AGM

(1) Vice President (Roles and Responsibilities)

     - Current Nominations:

        - Vania Richardson-Boulet

(2) Treasurer (Roles and Responsibilities)

     - Current Nominations:

        - Carolyn Heide

(3) Trials Director (Roles and Responsibilities)

     - Current Nominations:

        - none

Nomination process: raise your hand at the AGM, or prior to the AGM send email nominating yourself or someone else to