UKI Trial Fees per run


UK Agility International is run by Greg and Laura Derret who founded UK Agility in England in 2004. It has now come to North America in the form of UK Agility International.

Mission Statement: To provide agility dog competitions that are designed with all competitors in mind; enabling all dogs to achieve a level of success, while promoting high standards in competing, training and judging of agility dogs.

Main Site: https://www.ukagilityinternational.com/Default.aspx

Quick Start Guide: https://www.ukagilityinternational.com/PDFs/UKIQuickStartGuide.pdf

Comparison of some aspect of UKI and AAC: click here 


Paws 4 Fun Agility will be hosting a UKI trial on June 23, 2018 and the judge will be Wendy Beard. 

More information coming in the next few weeks.