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NOTE:  The request below is NOT a registration form, but a preliminary e-mail inquiry to be submitted enabling us to determine the appropriate class or level for you and your dog.

"Request for Training

Please e-mail the following information to:

1 - Handler's name
2 - Dog's name
3 - Breed
4 - Height to shoulders
5 - Age
6 - Level of training
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Upcoming Classes:
CARO - November 6, 2017
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Strength & Conditioning Class - Nov. 13, 2017
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Winter Classes (Indoor) - Starts Nov. 2, 2017
Use Agility Class Registration form to the left


Registration for classes:

Paws4Fun offers a number of classes. If you have a dog, young or adult, and are interested in classes please fill out the "Request for Training" form on the left and one of our trainers will contact you to discuss your particular dog's stage of readiness.  At the present time we do not offer "Puppy" Classes, however Foundation 1 level is ideal for puppies, young dogs and any age of adult dog new to agility.

NOTE: Regardless of age, it is important that your dog have some obedience training such as sit, stay and a reasonable recall ("come") as these are important and necessary in a class situation.  Your ability to work together is also enhanced by having these simple basics. 

If your dog has an existing medical condition or is overweight, it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian with respect to your dog's health status and participation in agility classes.

If you have already been training in agility, please check the class schedule to see the class and instructors' schedules, then complete and submit the "Request for Training" form. Indicate the level of class you are looking for and provide us with your preferred date. 

Registration: (click here to access form)

Class cost is $100 for members and $120 for non-members for eight weeks of outdoor classes on the P4FA fields.   (The PayPal button lists the fees for classes of shorter duration.) Be sure to confirm your class with the Training Director at the address below before making any payment.

Registration may be done in one of two ways:

1) Electronically by emailing your signed form to training@paws4funagility and either bring your payment to your first class   or pay online using PayPal (on the left).

2) By bringing your signed form and payment to your first class. 

DO NOT send payment to our street address on Taylor Road as this mail address is not monitored.


Personal Training:

Please check the class schedule to determine which field(s) may be available for personal training. Non-members who wish to train on our fields, must be accompanied by a member and must complete the Visitor Training and Release Form, as well as pay $7 per visit. Click here for the Visitor Training and Release form. Copies will also be available on site.

Please remember to always clean up after your dog. If your dog should happen to have an accident in the ring, please be sure to use a bucket of water to ensure the spot is clean and does not create a distraction for other dogs.

We hope that you and your furry friend will learn some new tricks and enjoy all that we have to offer.

Thank you and enjoy!