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CARO Trial Fee - September

CARO - Sanctioned Rally Obedience Trials at P4FA 2017 

September 23, 2017 (T17-048 - click here for CARO page)

Judges: Sandra Cummings and Darlene McCuaig

Events: Novice, Novice Brace, Advanced, Advanced Brace, Excellent

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Judging is as follows:

NOVICE   1           Sandra Cumming              

NOVICE   2           Sandra Cumming              

NOVICE   3           Darlene McCuaig              

ADVANCE  1       Darlene McCuaig

ADVANCE  2       Darlene McCuaig              

ADVANCE  3       Sandra Cumming

EXCELLENT  1      Darlene McCuaig             

EXCELLENT  2      Sandra Cumming             

EXCELLENT  3      Darlene McCuaig             

EXCELLENT  4      Sandra Cumming 



If sending a cheque, contact the Kelly Longtin whose email address is above. If paying with PayPal, select the appropriate choice on the left, click "Add to Cart", and update the quantity with the number of runs you will be doing when you are taken to the PayPal page.


Gates open at 8:30 AM

Start Times:

     - Registration and Measurement: 8:45 AM

     - Judge's briefing and novice walk through: 9:00 AM

Times are approximate and will be confirmed with your final confirmation.